Blood By K.J. Wignall

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blood (Mercian Trilogy #1)

I do not remember being bitten. I wish I did, for then I would know the creature who did this to me and I would have a purpose, to track him down and repay him for the poisoned gift he gave me. Back in the Thirteenth Century, Will was destined to be Earl of Mercia, although he never lived to inherit his title. In the centuries that follow, Will has led a lonely life, learning to deal with whatever the present day throws at him, always searching for answers but never finding any. Until this time, when he awakens after a 20-year-slumber, hungry for the blood that sustains his undeath, when it appears that he is finally getting a glimpse at why he exists. He does indeed have a destiny, and an enemy, but revealing that fate will be a matter of trust..

My Review:I thought this book was fantastic and addicting. It's a about Will--a vampire (or his preferred term--undead). This was a refreshing story in that it was a more traditional, gothic tale and the story swept you up into its eerie world. Will wakes up after hibernation and is determined to get revenge on the vampire that bit him. Will meets Eloise and believe she is part of the key to help get revenge. The two of them team up to discover the truth of Will turning into a vampire and why he was made.
 by K. J. Wignall, gave me a fresh perspective on a hot teen topic: vampires.  It offers an unexpected love story intertwined with dangerous spirits and evil beings.  The characters are likable, in fact, I found myself rooting for Will to reach out to Eloise- to trust her. The fact that these two experience attraction and feelings in the midst of mystery and chaos keeps the reader captivated by the story. There is just enough violence and action to tempt teen boys, and the right touches of forbidden romance to capture the girls. Blood is a winner, and will surly attract tween/teens who love a story with all the right elements:  the undead, a mysterious past, and impossible love.

many thanks to and Egmont USA for letting me review this amazing book. this book will be in store on September 27, 2011 so go pick yourself up a copy.